cropped-Krimsiki-briz4.jpg“The combination of two or more things that creates an effect which is greater than the sum of both separately.”

Synthesis is a diversified contractor with the ability to meet the needs of our clients in a variety of project types, including new construction and renovation of hotels, retail centres, office buildings, educational facilities, sport facilities, infrastructure, residential buildings, airports, stadiums, hotels.

In general, the noun synthesis refers to “a combination of two or more entities that together form something new”.  Successfully combining the several entities gives us the advantage to present ourselves on challenging projects, developed in sometimes harshen conditions.

Synthesis is capable of establishing Consortium for various projects by using the international and professional experience of the managing partners and staff and the financial strength of the company.


Comlex Puskinski

Due to the well-known reasons we had to pull out of the project. Handful of maintenance workers are left behind.…


The negotiations with ESTA HOLDING – regarding the Reconstruction of the Kiev CUM are still in progress. We all believe…



Continuing in the full strenght. The site is functioning without any obstacles

News Parkovoe


The new design of the Villa has been released  Masha is going under design stage