Synthesis provides comprehensive services capture all phases of the building development process from the concept stages of preconstruction that include planning, program management, budgeting, design analysis, scheduling and permitting – to creative value engineering services and cost / time saving strategies – through construction, project completion and commissioning.

In general, the noun synthesis refers to “a combination of two or more entities that together form something new”.  Successfully combining the several entities gives us the advantage to present ourselves on challenging projects, developed in sometimes harshen conditions.

Synthesis approaches every construction project by listening to the client’s needs and developing a well-organized project approach. Client satisfaction is our primary concern throughout all phases of a project. Performing our work for the most competitive price, with the highest quality construction, and within the schedule requirements is how we achieve maximum satisfaction with all our clients.

Our team of construction management professionals that comprise the company are seasoned industry experts that have worked with renowned national and multinational construction companies. They are well respected in the industry, and have extensive and diverse project portfolios. Our employees bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, enabling them to give the client and design team valuable input and to quickly respond to issues and resolve problems before they affect the schedule or budget, saving our customers time and money.

We believe that personal attention to every detail is necessary to achieve success for the client. Our standards of excellence and customer service are designed to exceed the customer’s expectations. By considering certain building choices, we can easily increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of the project without putting undue stress on our natural resources. By making our design  “greener,” we help to minimize pollution, protect the natural environment, and create a healthy, comfortable, non-hazardous premises for our client.

Think green before begin any construction project” – by considering these points, Synthesis can choose the most appropriate building materials and construction techniques . Sustainably managed materials are – environmentally preferable/sustainable quotient.  That way our fundamental business strategy, to build long-term client relationships, benefits on every aspect. This strategy yields cost advantages, profits, and growth, which allows us to fuel further growth.

Synthesis is always striving to reach the highest degree of quality, budget control, timely schedule, best safety practices (zero accidents), diversity, and value engineering.  We have the capabilities of performing quality work and timely service that is imperative for any size facility. Various project has been successfully hand over to the clients during the past 15 years. The reference list is added  at the end of the booklet. Nevertheless the key issues stay on : Integrity – We work to the highest ethical standards by practicing uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness.

Nevertheless the key issues stay on :

Integrity – We work to the highest ethical standards by practicinguncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness.

Teamwork – We recognize that people are our most important asset. To be successful, we must maintain a rewarding working environment where we respect each others opinions and share knowledge with a view to individually and collectively developing our ability to work as a team. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential to achieve excellence, deliver value and continually develop their skills.

Commitment – We are dedicated to providing value to our clients by delivering a quality service. Long term relationships are the sustenance of our business and we aim to be our clients’ benchmark for dependability, expertise and quality. We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their objectives through effective communication, careful planning, risk management and operational control.

Since our objective is to continually reduce risk, all staff, from senior management down to front-line supervisory staff, are expected to accept prime responsibility for safety and health. In addition, all employees are required to conduct themselves responsibly, respecting established rules and procedures and perform their jobs in a manner that our joint team has established as the right and safe way, and in accordance with this policy.


Grand opening of the Theatre


Svecano otvaranje Dvorca Iskustva u Surgutu 2016

Novosti Surgut




The works are in full swing, the winter is in full…

Kompleks Puskinski

Due to the well-known reasons we had to pull out of the project. Handful of maintenance workers are left behind.…


The negotiations with ESTA HOLDING – regarding the Reconstruction of the Kiev CUM are still in progress. We all believe…

Kompleks Puskinski


Radovi na enterijeru su u punom zamahu ocekujemo predaju radova u maju

Novosti Krim


Radovi se nastavljaju nesmanjenim tempom

Novosti Surgut


Krov je postavljen – proprojektovali smo konstrukciju za sedam dana i omogucili izvodjacu da nesmetano radi

Novosti Parkovoe


Poceli smo sa projektovanjem Mashe.