SYNTHESIS GROUP is a multidisciplinary group of companies consisting of a network of expert professionals. We are specialized in the design and realization of construction projects in tertiary, commercial, residential, hotel and interior sectors, either for new buildings, renovations or restorations, throughout the entire national territory and abroad.
The methodologies and means adopted by the Firm permit to manage projects and works of any complexity in a competitive and professional way, respecting the customer’s require- ments and providing a constant technical, urban planning and legal support also thanks to our technical, administrative and legal staff. Furthermore SYNTHESIS GROUP provides urban design and planning services, ensuring the study and the development of urban planning tools, according to the relevant regulatory apparatus in force and to be activated, from the municipal level to the national one.

Besides the drafting and issuing of the design documentation, according to the regulatory apparatus and as per the laws in force, SYNTHESIS GROUP provides the management and coordina- tion of all the political and technical aspects with the competent local public bodies.

The group of companies supplies a whole consultancy, in order to negotiate and coordinate the definition of the Public Works and charges due, for obtaining the definitive approval by the competent public bodies and the final drafting of the Agreement Contract, respecting the Client’s requirements.

The project’s goal is to achieve the expression of the synergy between functionality and aesthetics, as a form of art.
The graphic representations are developed with the most modern computer systems, as well as with hand drawing and watercolor traditional techniques, to perform the best suggestions and visual, structural characteristics.

Each architectural and city-planning process is supported by our Project & Construction Management Department which, through our expert project managers and site managers, allow to obtain its goals quickly and effectively, minimizing time, the risks and costs of the project activities. This raises the fundamental objective of “engineering” the architectural plans for the definition of “macro solutions”, more efficient designs in order to ensure the feasibility of the interventions in appropriately planned time to the best possible market prices, subject to the types and quality of the work projects identified by the Client and its designers.

SYNTHESIS GROUP  provides comprehensive services which capture all phases of the building development process from the concept stages of preconstruction that include planning, program management, budgeting, design analysis, scheduling and permitting – to creative value engineering services and cost/time saving strategies – through construction, project completion and commissioning.

Our group delivers integrated services, from initial design concept through to environmentally sustainable construction. Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual client as well as the required life performance cycle of each individual building we are responsible for.

We have a broad range of experience having completed work from design to construction in the following sectors:

We have a number of key strengths that offer a value – added service to our client’s:

Experience – We have a solid track record of successfully delivering a wide variety of building and infrastructure projects and are experienced in the management of fast-track projects.

Expertise – Our experienced design and construction teams consisting of skilled local and expatriate engineering and management professionals, has the capability to successfully deliver a diverse range of building and infrastructure projects. The Synthesis management team is proficient in the latest project and construction management tools and techniques as well as international forms of contract.

Reliability – We have consistently delivered projects to the satisfaction of our clients by adopting a partnering approach with a view to providing solutions that mitigate risk and achieve our client’s objectives.
Quality projects on time – By delivering quality projects on time and within budget, we have consistently met or exceeded our client’s expectations. and safe way, and in accordance with this policy.

Logistics Capability – Our Logistics Management offers a full menu of services which include directing, coordinating and controlling the flow and storage of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption. We have the experience and skills necessary to perform custom entries required for any project.


  • Preliminary, final and executive design of the architectural design and works
  • Preliminary, final and executive design of interior, concept and design, accessories, furnishings and finishes construction specifications
  • Communication, visual design, graphics and photography
  • Drafting of metric and estimative metric calculations, drafting of performance specifications
  • Competence in constructive techniques
  • Construction supervision, tenders, procurement procedures, drafting of contracts
  • Integrated design of systems/structures/living space
  • Concept design for client’s approval
  • Shop drawings and executive design
  • FF&E concept and design, accessories and furnishings
  • Art direction and interaction with suppliers
  • Cost optimization even in the design phase
  • In – depth knowledge of materials and construction techniques
  • Supervision and coordination of the “turnkey” product
  • Urban survey according to current instruments, legal apparatus, regional and national laws on trade
  • Strategic planning of the intervention, project variations, technical standards
  • Process of VAS, environmental and landscaping survey
  • Technical, legal and administrative assistance and drafting of contracts
  • Technical, economic financial feasibility studies
  • Implementation plans, Integrated program of intervention, Recovery plans, Affordable Housing Plans
  • Predisposition of the official set of forms
  • Dealing and negotiation with Public Authority offices
  • Consultancy for political and technical negotiations
  • Management of operations
  • Fire protection design and management
  • Elaboration of safety plan and safety management on site according to national laws
  • Elaboration of specific designs in compliance with fire protection and health & hygien national laws
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Engineering of architectural projects
  • Coordination of designs
  • Definition of budget costs
  • Technical and economical verifications of the designs
  • Definition and verification of design time schedule
  • Drafting of metric and estimative metric calculations
  • Drafting of performance specifications
  • Control and assistance to the Manager of Operations
  • Preparation and monitoring of the work time schedule
  • Management of ongoing work contracts
  • Verification and approval of the Work Progress Certificates
  • Executive management and coordination of the construction site
  • Management of variations
  • Accurate and timely check at work completion of the quality and completeness of each work and system,in cross-examination with the contractors
  • Supervision and approval of operating and maintenance manuals of the installations/plants and relevant “as-built” designs (and/or diagrams), issued by the suppliers
  • Tenders, procurement procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Contracts
  • Verification of production timings and integration into the general time schedule
  • BBF GROUP presents itself as a key player in the FF&E sector for its expertise to offer global assistance in the finishes and furnishings ranging from the technical identification of the products to budgeting & reporting levels.
BBF GROUP presents itself as a key player in the FF&E sector for its expertise to offer global assistance in the finishes and furnishings ranging from the technical identification of the products to budgeting & reporting levels

  • Assistance in the defining of the product data sheets and designed solutions (project support)
  • Definition of the philosophy of contract
  • Preparation of budget estimates
  • Preparation of special and performance specifications
  • Planning and respect of execution time in harmony with the general time
  • Assistance in the defining of the product data sheets and designed solutions (project support)
  • Definition of the philosophy of contract
  • Preparation of budget estimates schedule
  • On-site collaboration with interior designers, also commissioned by the client for the best “engineering” of the product.
  • Executive management/coordination of the construction site for the finishing.
  • Technical and economic/financial reporting
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