HEAD office Meta Capital, Donetsk, Ukraine

Full design and build.

55000 sqm total area, 25 floors . Latest technology implemented – double skin facade

SKM Corporation

The Administrative building of the SKM corporation dominates the Doneck city center. By its elegant shape it covers the Donbas Palace Hotel giving it a shadow glue

Commercial Design

The 55000 sqm of prime office space 

Residential Design

5 story under ground garage

Interior Design

The Interior Design is modern and elegant with a clear corporative identification


Urban & Commercial Design

Double Skin facade gives the exterior the perfect look


Interior Spaces & Experiences

Simple with clear lines

Recent Projects


Puskinski Complex



“Project has been finished in time and budget…”

It was a great opportunity to work with a SYNTHESIS 

Patrick Thomson

High skill engineering stuff, great job

Jeff Dow

The time frame was well planned and the budget was kept in desired frame

Brenna Redding

Supporting partners : Permastelisa Spa