Accelerating the decarbonization of steelmaking

SYNTHESIS GROUP is on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of heavy industries with effective solutions for clean steelmaking. By bringing emissions down to zero and enabling sustainable operations, we are building a better, cleaner future for our planet.

Cleaning up steel is key to tackling climate change, as it accounts for more than 7 percent of global CO2 emissions.

SYNTHESIS GROUP manage and consult how to produce green steel, reducing C02 emissions with 95 percent compared to traditional steelmaking. By using green hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coal, water and heat become our primary emissions. By 2030, we will produce 5 million tons of green steel annually in our fully integrated, digitalized, and sustainable plant in Boden, northern Sweden. But this is just the beginning – our expertise in green hydrogen will enable us to decarbonize other industries in addition to steel.

The future of steel is green

Steel is the world’s most important engineering and construction material, used in every aspect of our lives – from the cars we drive and the buildings we work in, to the homes in which we live and the kitchen appliances we use every day. 

Steel is the foundation to our modern society. Europe has a rich history of cooperation on steel with a common market that spurred economic growth and innovation, improving living standards as well as generating employment and tax revenue.

Sustainable green steel production will unlock immense opportunities for people and the planet. And we’re not going to stop innovating, developing, and collaborating to find new and better ways to make steel that is not only kind to people, but also the environment.

Risk Management

SYNTHESIS GROUP’s Risk Management protocol is a competitive advantage in our commercial offering and is fundamental to achieving our strategic and operational objectives.

Financial, Commercial, Regulatory and Operational risks are an inherent element in the trading and physical delivery of commodities.

Our approach to risk is defined by our daily efforts to identify, rationalize, and continuously monitor the risks we are exposed to. Risk management is embedded in our critical business activities, functions, and processes, while materiality and tolerance for risk are key considerations in our every decision.

By identifying and managing risk in a consistent and disciplined manner we provide certainty and confidence in our business for our employees, shareholders and third-party stakeholders, as well as for all our customers and suppliers with whom we transact.

Financial and Commercial Risk

While our risks are determined and managed on a Group-wide basis, our centralized commercial risk management model enables us to keep our market exposures to acceptably low levels and, reduce price risk arising from timing differences between buying, selling and delivering goods to market.


We have comprehensive risk management systems, a very strong contracts administration team and above all, our trading leaders and key risk managers have many years of experience in the industry.

Operational Risk

Each operation and division is tasked with developing and maintaining detailed risk management policies or procedures to address specific areas of the Group’s operations, such as occupational health and safety; environmental, community and market safeguards; commercial activities; insurance, foreign exchange and interest rate exposures.

Regulatory and Legislative Risk

Running a fully compliant organization is the bedrock of our business. We have a set of compliance policies and procedures including a detailed policy of business conduct. This is tailored to the risks in our business and designed to ensure that we meet the highest standards of business conduct.


Where we participate in joint ventures we have varying degrees of influence and control. We seek to influence our partners where necessary, encouraging them to adopt standards at least equivalent to our own.

Some refers of involvement in Steel Plants engineering and operations projects:

  • OMK VYKSA, RUSSIA, Heavy-plate mill for pipe grades,
  • NLMK DANSTEEL, DENMARK, Plate mill modernization,
  • ÇOLAKOĞLU METALURJI, TURKEY, Compact Hot Strip Mill,
  • BAOSTEEL ZHANJIANG, CHINA, High-capacity hot strip mill with eco-friendly components,
  • SALZGITTER FLACHSTAHL, GERMANY, Continuous modernization,
  • ARCELORMITTAL GENT, BELGIUM, New technology for high-strength grade.



What we do:

We are focused on building solid and long-lasting relationships with selected raw-material suppliers, steel-producing companies, and their finished steel products end-users worldwide.

Controlling the quality over the entire production chain through our local staff.

Providing full technical assistance to achieve the best performance of the supplied raw materials in further processing into steel finished products and its future distribution.

Delivering selected raw materials and manufactured steel finished products directly to customers business operating facilities.

Providing structured financial solutions by organizing customers and suppliers access to effective financing tools to help underpin future growth.